Welcome to Your New Domain!

The NIHIL team wants to welcome you to your new domain. If you are seeing this page, then your account has been setup and is now active. You should have received an email on how to get building your first webpage, but if you didn't, please contact support@nihil.co.

Moving forward, we offer a variety of FREE Content Management Systems (CMS) to get you going: WordPress, Weebly, Mamboo, and many more. All of these are open to the public and offer extensive documentation. You can check out a couple of your options at the bottom of this page.

Don't forget that it is usually a good idea to setup an administrative email address first. You can then use this email address to manage your new website and act as a public means of contact through your CMS. This will keep you personal email account separate from you now VERY public web presence.

Lastly, remember to follow The NIHIL Corporation's Terms of Use and to keep everything legal and respectable. The internet lets nothing remain hidden forever.


Quickstart Program

New to the program? Sign up for a 1-on-1 Quickstart Lesson. For $29.99, you will get paired with a training specialist for what we call the "First 60". During your 45 minute lesson, you will walk through the basics and soon be able to manipulate your new domain to your will. Afterwards, our specialist will give you another 15 minutes to pick his or her brain.

Full Server Migration

For those of you moving from an existing service provider, let us handle the server migration for you. For $149.99 we will transfer, install, configure, and manage the migration of everything from one server to another - you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. We guarantee that everything will be as you had it, if not better.